Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dallin's Lost Tooth!

I'm calling this post "Dallin's Lost Tooth" because #1 - Dallin lost his first tooth, and #2 - we lost the tooth. Seriously, it has disappeared. We have searched high and low, and it is weird because I know it was sitting on the counter in a little bag when we left for church. I suspect foul play because I asked Luke about it several times and after saying no, he didn't know what happened to the tooth, he finally said, "Well, you shouldn't have put it in a baggie and left it right over there." Hmmm. I would not be surprised if it turned up in a very odd place. But anyway, I can't believe Dallin is old enough to loose a tooth! Somehow, the tooth fairy knew that he lost it and delivered his ONE dollar (setting the standard low here, people) that very night. I was sad when I realized that the first tooth he lost was actually his very first tooth (one of them - he got his first two teeth on the same day when he was eight months old). I remember how excited I was when he got his first teeth and how I felt like my little baby was so grown up. Now they are falling out. Makes me a little sad!
The loose tooth.

It finally came out!

"Mom, look at my teeth, too!"
I suspect someone was a little jealous
by all the attention Dallin got....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

V Day

This year I didn't have much planned for Valentine's Day because the day before was our big Young Men/Young Women fundraiser, which was a Valentine's Dinner/Dance and was quite a large production. I wasn't planning on anything for Valentine's Day besides just getting that big event out of the way, so you can imagine how surprised I was when I walked into the kitchen on Friday morning and found this:
Oh, how sweet! Roses, a bottle of Martinelli's, a bag of chocolate-covered ju-ju hearts, a gift certificate to go tanning... I thought, "Why in the world would I need to go tanning, besides the fact that I am extremely white? It's February - who cares?" Then I opened up the card, and it all made sense - a trip to Mexico! These are pictures of the resort we stayed at in Peurto Vallarta on our honeymoon. I think we're going to try for Cancun this time. Anyone have any suggestions for places to stay/things to do there? I'm so excited!! This has been the longest, coldest winter I've ever had and I have been craving sunshine and beaches and warmth. I'm so tired of being cold! Now I have something to look forward to. Jason's plan is to go sometime next month, so I can't wait to get it booked and official!! Jason is just too good to me.
So after that fun surprise, I had renewed courage to face the night ahead. Our fundraiser turned out really well, with only a few minor snags. The food was amazing, we had a great turnout, and it seemed like everyone had a really great time. Several people suggested that we make this an annual event, but I can't even think about that right now. That's like asking someone who is in the hospital after just giving birth if they are ready for another baby.(I hesitate to post pictures of people in the ward without their knowledge, but I'm pretty sure Brother Field won't mind! This is why I love my ward.)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sweet six year old Dallin!

Six years ago tonight I was in the hospital with a brand new baby boy, wondering how I had ever lived a day without him. I can't believe that helpless little baby is now a big, responsible six year old! I remember being six. I remember my sixth birthday party. I remember what it felt like, and now my very own child is that age! It freaks me out a little bit. But today I tried not to think too hard about it, and we had a great day. Dallin wanted a "hunting birthday" and that is what he got. The festivities started last night with a birthday party at Jason's parents' house. Dallin got lots of fun presents, including a "hunting" quilt that he LOVES made by his Grandma Rita. I made camo cupcakes, which was fun, and I was quite proud of them. Dallin woke up today so excited for his special day, but he didn't want anything different than he usually does. Cinnamon toasters for breakfast, ramen noodles for lunch, nothing out of the ordinary. He had his (our) first friend party ever and it went really well. I was nervous but I didn't have to stress too much because Jason took the afternoon off work and took care of most of it. He bought Dallin's presents, decorated the cake, planned the games, and managed the party. Lucky me! I just got to enjoy it. It pays to have a husband who is trying (successfully) to pass his obsessions on to his children, at least on birthdays.

The camo cupcakes.

The cake that Jason built. Yes, there is a guy in a tree stand (hooked to the trunk of the dead apple tree that used to stand in our yard) getting ready to shoot his choice of a javelina, a deer walking down a mountain trail, a moose wading in a lake, or a bear wandering through the woods. I baked the cake and made the frosting, Jason did the rest.

The party started with a little shooting competition. The little herd of animals on the floor were the victims.

Pin the horns on the deer. Jason drew the deer, of course.

Dallin was quite proud that he got so close. The only problem was that the horns were upside down. Oh well, good job anyway.

Dallin got (another!) new bow from his daddy.

The kids got to try shooting at a target in the basement. They were a fun group!

I love this age.

Notice how I paved the mountain path with the candles, like at a reception or something? See, I can be creative, too!

We finished the day with a little family trip to Chuck-e-Cheese's. Dallin and Luke had a great time, and we all put on lots of hand sanitizer afterward.

My three hunting fools.
(Yes, guy at the soda fountain with the saggy bum, I am taking a picture and you are in it. What's your point?)
It really was a great day, and I can't believe I am now the mother of a six year old! I just love that little boy. Congratulations to me!