Sunday, September 30, 2012

Abby is Five!

 My sweet little Abby turned five on September 28. I don't know how it happened, because wasn't she just born yesterday? I kind of fought her birthday in my heart because I loved her so much as a four-year-old that I just couldn't handle the thought of her changing into a five-year-old. The good news is that not much has changed except for the amount of toys in her bedroom.  She is just as sweet at five and two days as she was at four. Whew!

The day before her birthday she got to celebrate at preschool. The kids sang happy birthday to her while she had the honor of being the ONLY one jumping on the trampoline. She was thrilled.

I brought ice cream sandwiches for her treat and the kids made a cute little star while they ate.

On Friday I went against everything I stand for and actually had a friend party for her. The boys usually have parties, but that's because Jason does them. I don't know why I shut down mentally and physically at the thought of planning and executing a birthday party for five-year-olds, but I do. However, I bit the bullet and planned a Dora party and Abby was in heaven. Mission accomplished.

I took the kids on a little Dora adventure to find Boots, who got lost on his way to the party. I made a map and everything. I was so impressed with myself. Then Abby opened her presents. Luke was a lot of help for someone who hates Dora and all things girl.

Here is a fuzzy picture of the whole adorable group. I don't know why half my pictures are turning out fuzzy lately. Maybe I'm looking through the sight hole with the wrong eye. I can never remember which eye is my good one. Anyway, aren't they cute?

The kids decorated cupcakes and had a great time covering themselves with frosting and candy. Sounds good to me! 

Jake made himself useful after the party and pushed crumbs around for a while with the broom. I was very proud of him for trying to help out. I was even tempted to forgive him for figuring out how to climb out of his crib.

I always try to take a family picture on my kids' birthdays. The pictures never turn out very well, but this is us in all our glory, on September 28, 2012. Although sometimes the days are long and it seems like I might never get a full night of sleep, this precious little family is growing up on me. The kids get a little bigger each time a birthday passes, we all get a little older and our adventures never seem to run out. There is a lump in my heart when I think of Abby not being a little girl anymore, but I love the person she is turning into. She seriously is the sweetest little friend I could ever ask for. I love my boys, but I'm so glad I got my girl! Happy Birthday, Abby, my little sweet sweet.