Monday, January 18, 2010

The end of an era

It is so crazy to think that it has been two and a half years since I wrote this! Two and a half years changes a lot of things, but I never thought my time as Young Women's president would actually be over. We were released a week ago and I have to say, it has been a sad week. This calling was a huge challenge for me, but I really loved it and I love all the girls and leaders soooo much. I am going to miss the time I got to spend with them, which was usually at least twice a week. Sometimes more, if I was lucky. The good news is, I now have 25 babysitters at my fingertips. They are all such good girls. I can't even look at that picture without feeling a huge pang in my heart. Is pang a word? It just fits somehow. Anyway, I don't know why I'm so sad. It's not like I'm moving or dying or something and I'll never see these people again! Most of them live in my neighborhood. I'll still see them every week at church and whenever I decide to venture out of my cave during the week. But it's just that sometimes, change = bad. Sad. Mad. Well, not mad or bad but sad. Okay, I'll be honest, I've been sitting here for like an hour trying to upload some pictures of my time in young women's, highlights if you will, but blogger is not cooperating and I'm going a bit crazy. That is why I'm making no sense. So I'll just tell you a few of the highlights, and perhaps I will upload photos later. Yeah right, have you seen my blog lately? How many posts have I even done in the last year? Good luck getting any pictures from me. Moving on! Highlights: the funny thing is, the biggest highlights were the things I dreaded the most. Like, camp. Youth conference. Our Valentine's dinner dance. The big combined activities that I was in charge of, like the giant slip and slide, and feeding the homeless, and boating at Utah Lake. Oh man, those were some good times! I will miss attempting to play the piano for opening exercises on Sundays and listening to Alicia's outstanding lessons and eating the treats she was so famous for... I will miss hearing the girls talk about everything going on in their lives and all the things their parents would probably die if they knew they were telling everyone. Now Jason has been put in as first counselor in the Young Men's so I won't feel totally out of the loop. We just get to switch who leaves every Wednesday night at 7. Young women, I will miss you! Okay, now it's time for some closure, in the form of rolo cookies.