Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Great Goldfish Disaster of 2012

Seriously, this child of mine. I guess it is my fault not only for buying an enormous box of goldfish, but for being foolish enough to think that goldfish + Dora on the TV would = some time for me to practice the piano. And not only did Jake dump out the entire (new!) box, he sat and swam around in the middle of them and crunched them into a beautiful fine powder with his fingers. Pure joy to a little almost 18-month-old! I can not even tell you how many times a day we have incidences like this. The other night I bathed him, put his pajamas on, then proceeded to bathe another one of my dirty children. I was sitting right there, on the (closed) toilet, when suddenly this appeared in front of me:
How did he get past me, into the tub and get the washcloth on his head without me even noticing? Maybe the problem is me and my spaced-out, sleep-deprived brain. And yes, most children play with rubber duckies in the tub. My kids play with duck decoys. Real ones with creepy red eyes that they got at the hunting expo last year and can't live without.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bald Eagles in Lehi!

The other night we were driving near our home and we saw an amazing sight! There were a few cars pulled off the road looking at something on 1700 West where we often see deer, so of course we pulled off to see what was going on. There were no deer, but we looked up in the trees and saw several huge brown birds with white heads... could it be? The emblems of our nation? Real bald eagles! We counted six of the incredible birds perched up in the tops of the trees just across the field. They were so cool! I couldn't believe we were actually seeing them in real life! It was about 4:50 pm, and we have since seen them a few times around that time of the evening. I talked to one guy who was out of his car looking at them and he said he has seen as many as seven at one time! He even saw two of them fighting! They often fly across Pioneer Crossing and are visible from there in the tops of these trees. According to a recent article in the Utah County Bird Watching Examiner, bald eagles are not seen in Utah County throughout the year, but from November to March they can be frequent visitors. What fun little visitors to have! If you want to see them, take Pioneer Crossing west out of Lehi and turn left at 1700 West. Go about half a mile and look out at the trees to the east. So cool!
The birds were so cooperative when I was photographing them. I told this one to look to the left.

Then look to the right... perfect, perfect...
And this one was just supposed to look like a jungle cat. Not too shabby.

This picture is zoomed out to give you some perspective so you'll know what to look for. I'm pretty sure the cow was humming the national anthem, but I couldn't be sure.
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