Monday, June 27, 2011

Crane Reunion 2011

This past weekend we took the kids to my mom's family reunion near Montpelier, Idaho. It is just north of Bear Lake and it is amazing. My uncle owns a canyon up there in the beautiful hills with a stream running through it and it is one of my favorite places on the planet. I was born in Montpelier, and then my parents moved to Burley when I was one, and I don't know if I have ever forgiven them for it. Why would you leave this place, I ask. My kids were asking the same question when it was time to go home. They could have stayed forever. It was so fun to be in the mountains and visit with relatives that I rarely get to see. I loved every minute of it. Even when Luke got a tick, which he is insanely proud of, and even when Abby threw up on me in the tent in the middle of the night. What is camping without a few of these experiences? Just throw in a few packs of wet wipes and you're good to go.
It wouldn't be a family picture if we all looked normal. Thanks, Dallin.

My brother Steven, me, my mom, and Aaron represented the Price Family. And of course my dad, who is taking the picture.

My aunt Wilma took all the great grand kids on a "horse" ride and gave them a little family history lesson . So cute!!
There were lots of games for the kiddies.

Dallin and his new friend Milton used their stick horses as swords most of the time.
Jason and Jake spent some time bonding in the air conditioned truck.

A nice little view of part of the group. My grandparents descendants currently total 271, so this is only a very small portion.

My cousin Rachel was one of my best friends growing up. We don't see each other nearly enough!!

Jason built Dallin a bow out of a stick and some string. The kids spent a lot of time prowling the hills "hunting".
Jason took the kids on a little hike and probably taught them about skinning squirrels or something useful like that. Sorry, little cousin Alex, that's how our family rolls! Hope you weren't too traumatized.
Jake was busy cutting a new tooth and drooling all over everything, bless his heart.
We left on Saturday evening, but we didn't get far when Jason and Dallin decided to try out their skills on a few poor pot guts in the field. I've learned to just keep my mouth shut.
Aw, a little father-lifting-son-over-barbed-wire-fence action. Love it. Just don't rip his pants, please. Or stab him with an arrow.

Til next year!